Do You REALLY Want To Learn Guitar?

Seems like a strange question doesn't it? After all You are reading this so you must want guitar lessons from somewhere?

Have you ever taken up exercise? Did you go through your comfort zone or did you jog 'just enough' to keep your hand in?

Learning guitar should be fun and your guitar teacher is responsible for that but must also promote constant improvement without you asking them to!! That's their job as a guitar teacher!!

Are you in a rut with you current guitar lessons in Stafford, Stone, Lichfield, Cannock or Wolverhampton? Are your guitar lessons really pushing you ( in a good way )? Have you tried other guitar teachers or have you just stuck with the one you have out of habit?

Just learning songs is great but lets be honest, that's what YouTube is for. Guitar lessons will of course include learning songs but if that's all you do why not just learn for free off YouTube. I bet you don't hear many guitar teachers saying that!!

Try different guitar teachers, see what they all have to offer.