How To Play fast On Guitar.

Many people believe that they CAN NOT play fast lines on their guitar. This unfortunate opinion is often upheld by secretive guitar players who can play very fast but often say ' they can just do it '.

This is nonsense, they have practiced in such a way that fast playing has become easy. Often the fast player will lead you to believe it is raw talent.

As a guitar teacher I am very lucky to be able to say I was taught by Guthrie Govan. Guthrie is, without doubt, one of the very best guitar players the world has to offer. No arguments there!

Guthrie would often say that in order to play fast you have to make it easy! What a frustrating statement!

What he actually meant is that you should practice lead lines in such a way it feels perfect (easy) and then take that 'easy' line and speed it up.

There are lots of amazingly fast players in the world and they all share common techniques. I am very impressed by Troy Grady, an American guitar player with a YouTube series called 'Cracking the Code'. Troy has spent the past 25-30 years breaking down the techniques of the worlds guitar masters and is, himself, now an incredible player and technician - his videos are highly recommended and he explains things in such an easy to understand fashion that it takes away a lot of the pain on the instrument for all players looking to get faster.

As a guitar teacher in the Stafford / Cannock / Wolverhampton areas I have recently been improving players speeds with important, timeless techniques used by guitar players such as Malmsteen, Eric Johnson and Guthrie Govan ( as I said, I was lucky enough to learn techniques from the man himself! )

Typically these techniques tend to improve speed (IF practiced with great discipline ) by 100-300% within days.

Are you looking for help with your technique? I'm happy to help!

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