Looking for Guitar Lessons In Cannock?

Finding the right guitar lessons in Cannock and Stafford can be a minefield.

You don't need to be qualified to offer guitar lessons ( shocking ) and even if the ' guitar teacher ' is qualified you should be looking for more than entry level qualifications if you are looking for the best value for your money.

Lets be blunt - there are some outrageously poor guitar players offering guitar lessons in Stafford and Cannock. As a begineer guitar student you might not be able to recognise this.

NEVER stay with a guitar teacher who fumbles when you ask ' how does my favourite player do this '. This shows a low level skill set and its simply not good enough for a guitar teacher.

Typically what we are looking for in a guitar teacher is a very wide understanding of many styles AND high level qualifications. Not somebody who is an expert in METAL and that's it.

Over the years I've seen lazy players join the ranks of guitar teachers.... In reality they are asking you to support there lifestyle of playing live (but it doesn't make enough money).

Be careful if you are looking for guitar teachers in Stafford, Cannock, Lichfield, Rugeley, Burntwood, Wolverhampton, Cheslyn Hay, Brewood, Walsall, Milford and Baswich

Don't waste your money supporting a ' future rock star ' - go to a dedicated guitar teacher

Scott Adams - ACM graduate and former Guthrie Govan student

0781 864 7517 razorwiresa@gmail.com