What Is A Guitar Teachers Job?

lets get straight into it!

Does your guitar teacher only want to teach you songs from a book or YouTube? How long has this been going on for in your guitar lessons? This is not the actions of a real guitar teacher. Put bluntly, after a very short period of guitar lessons, your teacher should have shown you everything you need to know about teaching yourself from books and YouTube videos. Just learning to play songs in guitar lessons is very unprofessional and lazy on the part of the guitar teacher.

Perhaps that's all they can do? Well they are not really guitar teachers then.

Does your guitar teacher ask you what you want to do every lesson? It's their job as a teacher to know what you are going to do 6 months from now let alone the day of your lesson. Again this is not the actions of a professional, perhaps this is fine if the rates are about £10 an hour and you are happy with casual lessons. Always understand that this is not a good way to reach your full potential though.

Does your teacher tell you to get 'this book' or 'that book' and we will 'work through it' before I ( the teacher ) put you in for the exam? Not many students know this but the teacher is not needed in order to enter you for any exam, you ( the student ) can do that yourself. Most books come with a CD anyway, that's a great measure of whether-or-not you are ready to be tested. Do you sound close to the accompanying CD?

After a few months with any teacher you should move on to fully understand music and it's applications. That way you can play anything. This is how you would be taught at a world class guitar school.

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Scott Adams is a former Guthrie Govan student and ACM graduate, he works from a private teaching studio at Pillaton Hall Farm Penkridge.

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