Get Started With Your Dream Of Playing Guitar

I meet a lot of guitar students throughout Staffordshire. Typically they are people looking for lessons in Burntwood, Cheslyn Hay, Cannock, Stafford, Lichfield, Rugeley, Brewood, Wolverhampton and Penkridge.

It seems to be that students believe an old myth. "you've either got it or you haven't "

COMPLETE RUBBISH!!! Guitar playing is a learnt skill. Quite frankly if you see a great guitar player and they say 'I'm self taught' or " I could just play " treat it with a grain of salt. IT'S NOT TRUE!!!

They have learn't from somewhere after all because they know the same chords as we do and they know the same scales.

I have taught guitar since 1999 and have never met anyone I couldn't teach regardless of age. The important thing to take away here is that you need to practise properly and know what to practise.

That's where a good teacher comes in.

Scott Adams is a former Guthrie Govan student and ACM graduate. 0781 864 7517