Guitar Lessons Stafford.

It's amazing working with my new guitar students in the Stafford area. My new students certainly have experience working with ' guitar teachers ' but quickly found out for themselves that some guitar tutors are low level guitar players looking to top-up their earnings. This is a disgrace to the profession of guitar teaching and ruins guitar lessons for guitar students who really want to learn.

I always say to my guitar students on day one "if you don't learn quickly with me, sack me "

This is not a joke, I actually mean it. I care more about my students ability than 'topping up last night gig money'. ( i don't need to gig BTW, i'm too busy teaching guitar !)

Consider this... if you had a dentist that needed to top-up their salary with another job are they REALLY dentists at all?

I'm working closely with some killer guitar players who have all had different teachers and they ALL tell me they have wasted their time and money with other 'guitar teachers'.

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