Time Passes Quickly

We're in August already? Why state the obvious?

Do you live in Cannock, Lichfield , Stafford, Wolverhampton, Brewood, Rugeley or Penkridge? Did you make a promise to yourself ( or someone else ) that you would start guitar lessons or find a good guitar teacher in 2017? Has this year passed you by?

Well time waits for no man (or woman) OR guitar players!! There is no substitute for practise time. No 'mega' online course (PLAY GUITAR IN 7 DAYS !!!! LOL) is a substitute for real guitar lessons with a qualified teacher.

All guitar teachers should be able to offer a wealth of services, playing for fun, serious graded study, learning songs, technical development - the list goes on. BUT, if you're hiding your head in the sand and ignoring some of the essential practise points then you are learning at a slower rate than you could be. Fact.

Your current teacher may even be just a local player turned 'teacher'. Does that really fit your needs?

Scott Adams has been teaching guitar since 1999 and is a former Guthrie Govan student and a graduate of one of the worlds best guitar Schools, ACM