Getting The Most From Your Guitar Lessons In Cannock

Have you decided to take guitar lessons in Cannock or Stafford?

Have you found the 'perfect' guitar teacher?

Here's some pointers to make sure your guitar teacher is up to the job. You may not know this but a beginner could advertise as a guitar teacher in Cannock - the industry is NOT regulated.

1. What is the guitar teachers musical history? Have they attened and studied at a world class guitar school such as ACM or GIT? If not they may be able to help you to a certain level but is this an ideal situation?

2. Guitar lesson fees in Cannock and Stafford should be reflective of point 1. Don't pay a professional rate unless they can substantiate the rate with world class education.

3. Do they teach guitar from home or are they mobile? You may think this is not relevant but it can actually shows a low commitment level through fear of low earnings. All stable guitar teachers have a dedicated business address because they are very busy.

4. Do they have a guitar lesson plan that makes sense? Have they ever asked you ' what do you want to learn today ? ". That could indicate a lack of guitar lesson preparation on their part. Think about this... did your maths teacher ever ask you that question? Of course they didn't.

This is just a short list of pointers that may help you find a good guitar teacher in Cannock or Stafford.

Shop carefully and don't forget to READ the 5 star google reviews too!!! Do they read like a favour to a friend or relative? Be careful out there folks!!

Are you looking for guitar lessons in Cannock? Scott Adams is an ACM graduate, a former advisor to the government on education, a former Guthrie Govan student and has a well documented education and playing history that spans 20 years.

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