Guitar Lessons In Stafford

Are you looking for guitar lessons in Stafford?

What should you be looking for in a guitar teacher in Stafford?

1. I would only recommend guitar teachers in Stafford who have been through world-class guitar education such as ACM, GIT or other high quality universities. Anyone can play locally in a band but that does not make them a guitar teacher.

2. Be prepared to travel outside of Stafford. Convenience does not always make the best choice when looking for a guitar teacher in Stafford. Don't expect the best guitar teachers to live just around the corner from yourself.

3. Always look for guitar teachers who stand on their own 2 feet business wise. Do they teach from home? Do they travel to you? OR do they have a business unit solely dedicated to teaching ( teaching studio ).

4. Hourly rates. Don't pay someone in a bedroom or a dining room ( yours or theirs ) a professional rate. Why would a ' very busy ' guitar teacher NOT have a dedicated place of education?

5. DID YOU KNOW? Guitar teachers in Stafford do not need to be qualified to teach? It's led to an appalling standard of teaching and leaves a blemish on the industry as a whole. ANYONE regardless of playing ability can advertise and practice as a guitar teacher in Stafford.

Of course all of this applies if you are looking for guitar lessons in Cannock, Penkridge, Brewood , Cheslyn Hay, Rugeley, Codsall, Burntwood, Lichfield, Wolverhampton, Walsall and even Stoke.

For all guitar lessons enquires contact Scott adams, ACM graduate, former Guthrie Govan Student

0781 864 7517