Searching For Guitar lessons

What on EARTH has happened to Google?

Search for guitar lesson or guitar teachers in Wolverhampton, Stafford, Penkridge, Brewood, Rugeley, Cannock or Stoke. Just try it...

Page after page of irrelevant results?? 'music teacher lists???'. In other words people who have nothing to do with guitar lessons or guitar teachers are trying to create a business out of Google itself? Why do we need this? Does this not lead to confusion rather than a solution to finding a guitar teacher?

Ultimately these micro search engines will push up the cost of real guitar lessons. Why? Because they seek to charge guitar teachers rather than promote their details for free.

You are free to find your lessons anyway you please but it's getting tough to see through all the long grass out there.

For the best guitar lessons you're already in the right place.

Until next time :)