Back To School ( Guitar Lessons ) ??

Having guitar lessons in School can be a great starting place for students. A school guitar teacher should help and encourage guitar players to practise and develop.

Of course learning guitar in groups isn't at all best suited for the very best a student can achieve.

World class guitar lessons in Stafford, Lichfield, Cannock, Brewood, Wolverhampton, Rugeley and Penkridge are offered by Scott Adams. Often known as 'the guitar teachers teacher ' due to the fact that many of his former students teach guitar. Surely a cast iron reference to take note of?

Scott is himself a former Guthrie Govan student and ACM graduate.

Why not give him a go? Even if you have a guitar teacher it's always worth checking out others, even for a 'one-off lesson'.

Who knows what will come of it!!!!