What is the point of guitar teacher directories?

Guitar lesson searches are almost redundant on Google, tutors and guitar teachers are signing up to online directories and I’m of the opinion this is bad for the industry as a whole. Firstly the directories have ‘bios’ written by the guitar teacher themselves. While some can read as impressive who says they are real? Anyone can write a few words about themselves and there is no real need to verify their musical history. Of course I’m not saying they are all fake, use your common sense to determine for yourselves what sounds right and what doesn’t. Not sure? Ring the teacher and ask them to elaborate. One example would be photos of guitar teachers with their ‘ famous guitar playing pal ‘. It’s worth knowing here that you can actually pay to meet most of your favourite guitar players and have your picture taken with them. I’m not saying that’s always the case, I’m pointing out that it’s possible and I know it goes on. It certainly doesn’t elevate the guitar teacher to a higher level than anyone else. Playing with them on stage would of course as long as that isn’t a ‘ pre-paid’ jam! Also let’s think about how a directory works. It’s basically Google within Google. Why does that make sense? It’s not needed because Google is the ultimate search engine. So again, why? The answer is simple... money... Some directories charge the guitar student to ‘ find ‘ a suitable guitar teacher? You are paying to find a teacher?? But it’s free on Google? I think the endgame will be a disaster for guitar students, do you really need a directory to find a guitar teacher? You already have Google?!? Google was always designed to be the ultimate directory and now business men are using it to create a false, competitive scramble for teachers and students. The ultimate acid test for anyone who works for themselves is the effort that place on self promotion without relying on others to do it for them. A dirty car is often said to be a reflection of the person driving it , if it’s dirty outside it’s probabbly a mess on the inside. We can not allow others to wash our cars for us unless we are happy with half a job. I’ll leave it there! For the best guitar lessons in Stafford, Cannock and Wolverhampton you’re in the best place Scott Adams 0781 864 7517 razorwiresa@gmail.com