Do I Really Need Guitar Lessons?

Do it really need guitar lessons?

Is that a question that you are restling with yourself over? I mean why bother paying someone when you can just watch lessons on YouTube for free?

First of all nothing is for free. Although you won’t be affected financially from watching a YouTube guitar lesson there stands a chance that your playing with suffer. Not in every case of course - let me elaborate.

YouTube content is designed to pull in big numbers, it has to be that way in order for the YouTuber to stay in business. Nothing wrong with that you say? Everybody has to make a living! Is it really about making popular videos ( that get lots of views and therefore lots of guitar players learning the exact same thing ) or is it about YOUR own personal development as a guitar player?

In this day and age of technology we have to be smart and get what we want and need - NOT what a YouTube personality needs to survive financially. Be selfish in your desire to get what you need to become the very best guitar player that you can be.

Did you ever notice online guitar stores for example making videos that seem to be great features of either guitar players or guitar products? The ONLY reason they make the video is to pull you in and sell to you. If they make some money along the way because of high viewing numbers then that’s obviously a bonus and it certainly spreads the word for them too. It’s an ADVERTISEMENT !! Nothing more. Be smart!

The same could be said when choosing a guitar teacher. There is no doubt that some guitar teachers are useless and don’t deserve business in the form of guitar students. Most of them over represent their qualifications by asking guitar students to pay them well over the odds. My advice? If they are not qualified you should be looking at paying them no more than £10 for an hours lesson. Hopefully less. I’m being serious.

Why? Because they are no better than watching a YouTube video for free.

Notice how they try to sell themselves without relevant qualifications? Look out for fake google reviews of their services. Typically they read like friends and family have helped them out by posting a review at the request of the ‘guitar teacher’. Like I said, BE SMART!! A google review is an advert, even if it’s true.

When you are ready for the very best guitar lessons in the Stafford / Cannock / Wolverhampton areas I’m right on your doorstep and happy to help all guitar players reach their full potential.

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