Really? ANYONE Can Play Guitar?

Can anyone play guitar?

Well here’s the short answer... Yes!

And here’s the long answer, which is also a Yes by the way. :)

Many people are put off from learning to play guitar and typically they can be influenced by poor advice or even myths. These myths deprive many potential guitar players from the enjoyment they could be getting if only they had taken some good guitar lessons.

Notice the term ‘good’. Why use that term. Well it’s simple, there are lots of bad guitar lessons available either from people who simply are not real guitar teachers or from poor YouTube teachers. Ultimately you are on your own to decide what’s good or bad. If you don’t progress quickly then that’s a bad sign. Use your intuition and judgement and don’t give these people an easy time. You are paying them at the end of the day.

‘I’ve been told my hands are too small’. This is nonsense advice, your hands are not too small your teacher is bad at explaining proper stretching techniques.

‘I’m too old to learn’. Absolutely not, if you are older and new to the guitar then you will probably learn as quickly as anyone as long as the enthusiasm for practice is strong.

‘I’m not talented’. I don’t believe in talent. Some people learn at a faster rate than others but no one has a skill that can’t be learnt. If you see a ‘talented’ guitar player it just means they practiced a lot, even if they deny it.

‘I’m just not musical, I didn’t come from a musical family’. No one is ‘musical’ it’s just that they have learnt to be musical by good practice in the same way that you can. Playing guitar is a learnt skill open to anyone, of any age as long as they commit to practice.

‘I’ve practiced for years and I’m still not a good guitar player’. This can be a painful answer but it’s direct and true. Look away if you are sensitive!! You are practicing in the wrong way and you CANNOT get better until you practice in the right way.

I’m here to help you with guitar lessons if you feel the need but know this.

You ‘are’ a guitar player no matter what age , style , level or ability you think you are and you will get better IF you do the right things.

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