Looking For Your First Guitar?

So you’ve decided to take the plunge after thinking about it for long enough. You are looking for your first guitar! How exciting.

First things first - electric or acoustic??

Know this, the electric guitar is often thought of as an ‘advanced guitar’. Walk into a music shop, tell them you’re looking for your first guitar and more than likely they will show you a few acoustics. The acoustic guitar is much harder to start on than an electric guitar. Why?

The acoustic will be strung with tighter strings, probably have a wide neck and most certainly will require more strength to hold down one note let alone one chord. Your fretting hand will tire quicker and your finger tips will be painful ( are you sure you want to do this :) lol ).

The acoustic guitar is a beast to learn on but that’s not to say you shouldn’t. It’s all about taste. BUT you have to balance that with thoughts of how learning to play guitar on a tougher instrument will ultimately play on your enthusiasm.

The electric guitar is much easier to play. The body is smaller, the neck is thinner and the strings are much lighter in gauge. That ultimately means the strings are easier to press down and that should give more impressive, early, results.

Remember in the beginning it’s all about keeping your enthusiasm going. Why fight an acoustic guitar when playing electric is easier?

In any event I’m sure you’ll make the right decision, if you LOVE the sound of acoustic you will probably be better off going for one. It’s the same deal with the electric guitar.

If you continue to play guitar you will probably end up owning an electric and acoustic guitar anyway!!

I’m here if you need help with your playing

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