What Should I Learn On My Guitar

There's a general flow to what you should learn on guitar.

Sometimes I read online that guitar players should not learn in a structured way. There are lots of things I could say about this approach but the best thing to say is to steer clear of any guitar teacher who offers that sort of advice. It shows a lack of knowledge but more importantly shows a clear desire by the guitar teacher to restrict the guitar lessons on offer to nothing more than a joke. Stick to YouTube if this is the type of guitar lessons in Cannock or Stafford you are looking for. It's cheaper ( in fact it's free ) and you can save yourself the bother of keeping an appointment.

Guitar lessons for beginners will include playing the guitar students favourite songs. A begineer should see fast improvement within the first few months. If they don't see an improvement AND are practicing guitar then your guitar teacher in Cannock or Stafford is not up to the job. Walk away.

You should move on quickly to start to cover all aspects of rhythm ( for chords and lead ) some music theory, scales arpeggios e.t.c and all applications of these techniques.

WITHOUT studying this you are NOT learning to play guitar. You are just copying your ' Guitar Teacher ' and that is not conducive to constant improvement.

I've spent some time around one of the worlds best guitar players, Guthrie Govan. He was always looking to improve on every aspect of his playing. I believe that's what we all should do.

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